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EIC bases itself on presenting reliable, accurate and research-based data and analysis of the countrys economic trends to participate in the formulation of sustainable economic development policies and strategies for Cambodia.
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EIC Maintains 6.2% Growth Rate Projection for 2012

Phnom Penh, 18 July, 2012 – Cambodia’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is projected to grow at a modest 6.2 percent in 2012, accordi
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1. Private Sector Development

The growing role of the private sector in achieving sustainable development and poverty alleviation is evident worldwide. Read more »

2. Macro Economic Monitoring & Forcasting

Its macroeconomics and modeling capacity distinguishes EIC from other economic research organizations in Cambodia.
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The success of development policies, programs and projects depends largely on effective monitoring and evaluation (M&E). Read more »

Economic Indicator
Key Economic Indicator (18 Jul 2012)
GDP (million US$)15,28713,938
GDP Growth Rate6.3%6.2%
GDP per Capita (US$)1,024945
Inflation (Dec/Dec)3.5%4.8%
Source: EIC projection      
Local Market News (15 Jul 2013)
 15 JulYear ago
Gasoline (Riel/Liter)5,4505,050
Rice (Riel/Kg)2,9003,000
Fish (Riel/Kg)18,70013,300
Beef (Riel/Kg)35,00034,000
Pork (Riel/Kg)15,50018,000
Chicken (Riel/Kg)19,70016,500
Cambodian Riel/US$ 4,0844,105
Thai Baht/US$ 31.1030.10
Vietnamese Dong/US$ 21,58020,510
US$/Euro 1.301.40
Source: EIC survey in Phnom Penh markets
International Market News (15 Jul 2013)
 Jun 13Jun 12
Crude Oil - Dubai (US$/Barrel)10094.24
Gasoline - NY(State) (US$/Liter)1.000.99
Rice - Bangkok (US$/MT)539601
Maize - US (US$/MT)298267
Soybean - US (US$/MT)524566
Source: World Bank - EIA
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